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SEO Case Study: Trucking & Transportation Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital element of your marketing efforts. It can help businesses improve their visibility in search engine results, increase keyword ranking which can attract more organic traffic, and ultimately, generate more leads, sales and awareness for your brand.

The trucking and transportation industry is no exception to this rule and companies in this sector should invest time into SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition. In this case study, we will examine the SEO efforts of a trucking and transportation company and explore how they were able to achieve significant improvements in their search engine rankings, website traffic, and lead generation.

Through this analysis, we hope to provide valuable insights and best practices that other companies in the industry can use to improve their own online presence and drive business growth. RankRealm’s technical SEO team worked closely with the company to both optimize existing aspects of their website and develop innovative techniques to accelerate their growth.

Where it Began

In early 2021, the client reached out to RankRealm looking to grow their domain’s organic traffic and overall web presence. In order to provide a comprehensive SEO strategy, RankRealm provided the following:

  • Technical Site Analysis

  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

  • Complete Website Overhaul (Wordpress)

  • On-site Optimization

  • Content-Driven Strategies

  • Monitored Results

  • Repeat Necessary Steps

We started in November of 2021 with a technical analysis of the domain, which at the time was on a .org domain suffix. It looks very much like a government website which the client thought would help them attract more visitors as they provided services that dealt directly with government regulations within the trucking and transportation industry.

At the time they only ranked for approx. 330 total keywords and their organic traffic was minimal (200-300 users with an average of 289 organic sessions weekly).

Once the technical analysis of the domain was complete, we did a keyword analysis and analyzed competitors to determine their position, but to also provide a content strategy. RankRealm then created content that was hyper targeted for its user base and started to see results almost immediately.

This was nearly a 160% increase in overall traffic. But the domain still had issues converting its traffic into clientele. It was at this point that the decision was made to completely overhaul the domain to build trust, authority and expertise.

RankRealm is not a website development company, but at a basic level we can build and optimize Wordpress and other simplified website development platforms. Regardless, we pushed ahead and came up with new branding and design of the entire domain, even choosing to migrate off of the original .org domain suffix to a new .co (not to be confused with .com) domain.

This took a true website migration strategy, making sure that all URLs properly redirect to the new domain, that content was not lost in the process, and the client continues to see organic traffic and lead generation flow through their website.

Once the website was complete with technical SEO best practices in mind, we focused on creating a lead generation funnel to support the organic traffic we were seeing. This included a strategy to qualify the leads before they submitted their information. We also continued on our content strategy, providing relevant ever-green content to help push their keyword rankings and organic traffic as a whole. What we saw next is exactly what you want to see in an SEO campaign.

73% Increase in Organic Traffic

At first organic traffic was slow to pick back up after the migration, which can be a result when you fully migrate from one domain to the other. It takes Google a bit of time to recognize the change in structure and follow the redirects to determine keyword ranking and position.

However, by July of 2022, the client had seen significant improvements to their keyword ranking and domain’s organic traffic, which is continuing to grow. This was a 73% increase organically from when we compare it to our previous benchmark above. When comp

As of February of 2023, we’re still seeing exponential growth in traffic as they continue to follow the content strategy provided. In September of 2022 we saw Google make significant, broad changes to its search algorithms which did affect the domain, but we remained vigilant on following best practices and have since then seen the traffic come back and then some.

930% Increase in Keyword Ranking

930% seems ridiculous, however the client initially ranked for approx 330 keywords when we first started with them. By July of 2022 (same timeframe as we compared when looking at organic traffic), they were ranking for approx. 3400 keywords, which is a 930% increase overall.

As of February of 2023, the client is now ranking for 4500+ keywords and growing.

500+ Keywords in Top 10 of SERPs

As of current (End of February 2023), the client has hundreds of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions. This is more keywords than they had ranking in total when we started working with them.

Even more interesting, we were able to secure the featured snippet on top of the #1 position for solid industry terms, even showing above the “People also ask” feature and outranking a government website for select terms.


Since the program’s beginning in November 2021, metrics and keyword rankings have improved greatly. RankRealm was successful in its quest to improve traffic, brand awareness and visibility. This was due to a well executed technical SEO implementation, on-page optimization, successful website migration and content strategy.

Let RankRealm perform a preliminary site analysis (free, on us), find areas needing improvement and create a technical and on-page SEO strategy for your business, no matter the industry.

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